SPS BEA Full Set

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BEA SOFT PUSH SYSTEM (SPS)Take advantage of the new BEA SPS soft push method. An absolute necessity for PDR technicians, from beginners to professionals.APPLICATIONThe SPS system is a complete new generation of PDR tools. The BEA sets are universal tools for beginners as well as professional technicians. The large contact surface of the tips make the BEA bars an ideal tool for easy, fast and clean repairs on open spaces. Three different sets are available with a combination of three different bars and and a wide selection of tips.With its aluminium extension, the BEA I bar can be elongated up to 170cm allowing the technician to repair distant damages. It has 7 exchangeable tips (some of them rubber coated) and two types of end pieces. One is angled and the other is straight. PDR specialists save up to 30% time on roofs, hoods or trunks. It is a perfect tool to pre push bigger dents with the soft tips and finish them with the sharp tips opposite the soft ones.The BEA II and BEA III bars are mainly used for dents on doors and quarter panels. They are available in two different lengths and diameters. Each of them has 3 exchangeable tips: a swivel head, a ball head and a bullet tip.AVAILABLE SETSSPS BEA Full Set (9000) consisting ofKock Down (7540)BEA I bar with 7 tips (9300)BEA II bar with 3 tips (9400)BEA III bar with 3 tips (9500)Black Case (9900)Chain (9901)SPS BEA I Set (9100) consisting of

  • 3,768.55 ر.س

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