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White Plasti dip - Aerosol removable rubber coating - White Plasti dip 311 g

24.84 USD
VAT Inclusive

Plasti Dip is a multi-use rubber pigment that dries up after being sprayed, forming preservative layers that can be removed smoothly when desired. Plasti Dip pigments preserve the factory paint and protect the rims without ever leaving dulling spots and cover the curves in an amazingly natural way, unlike stikers/bonds/foil!

  • The pigments are available in matte, fluorescent, metallic/metallic, glossy and pearlescent colors.
  • You can also use the sprays, and they come in a ready-to-spray form directly, and we always advise those who want to paint their car for the first time to use sprays.
  • easy to use.
  • Maintains factory paint and protects rims.
  • It dries quickly after spraying on any surface.
  • Easy to remove smoothly.

How to use:

  • The car or the part to be sprayed must be washed and polished before starting the spraying process (the part to be sprayed must be completely dry of water)
  • Plasti Dip is sprayed with a minimum of 8 layers and a maximum of 12 layers for easy removal later if you want to remove
  • The first coat is lightly sprayed (dusting only)
  • The rest of the layers are sprayed until the entire surface is covered
  • Leave between each layer and another 10 minutes or until the previous layer is completely dry

24.84 SAR
24.84 USD
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