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Q20-Q20 Multi Purpose Lubricant

4.82 USD
VAT Inclusive

A highly penetrating lubricant with water and moisture penetration thanks to the compound density of 1,154 g/cm3.

The product reaches all the places and parts that must be reached thanks to the feature of the 360-degree packaging technology

Silicone-free and non-flammable

As a result of the density difference between it and water, Q20 replaces it and isolates the parts used in it from air, which is the main catalyst for oxidation (rust). Dissolving the various sediments and removing them from the surfaces, and by applying the pressure of the compound inside the package, it:

It isolates all electrical circuits and connections from moisture and water, prevents the occurrence of short circuits and short circuits, and maintains the flow of current with high efficiency.

Protect   Any metal from corrosion, rust and salt deposits (if used regularly)

Removes moisture from all electrical circuits and connections, dynamo, sensors, spark plugs and prevents the occurrence of short circuits and short circuits as well and maintains the flow of current with high efficiency

lubricates   Locks, bolts, latches, windows, doors, garage doors and their hinges are easy to move and prevent annoying and creaking sounds. Strong and fast penetration to help ease loosening stuck nuts and bolts, tools and tools quickly and lubricate gears and machines with high efficiency and fasteners stuck in clothes and bags

It cleans faucets from salt deposits, removes ink traces from leather, removes gum from carpets and surfaces, crayon marks from walls, and traces of sticker glue from surfaces, glass, plastic and asphalt from the car, and traces of grease from suctions.

He holds a certificate of passing standard tests in aviation applications, which have been tested on the following models:

Boeing and Airbus

Made in South Africa

4.82 SAR
4.82 USD
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