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Perfecta is a faster and more effective solution when increased gloss and depth of color is needed for cars with matte finishes and protection in a short time. It is continued after using Cupido, Perfecta combines the finishing and insulation of a compound cleaner, the final improved version quickly removes dust, water spots and insect residues and gives a moderate shine and luster on the car body, glass, plastic, insulates and chrome surfaces

Perfecta is the ideal drying treatment because it reduces the risk of salt water stains remaining on the surface. It has been developed to be compatible with layers of wax, insulators, and even previously applied nanoceramic layers. And with each use it adds an extra layer of protection!

How to use:

Perfecta can be used on dry or wet surface

When using it on a wet surface, spray Perfecta on a part of the car and wipe it with a special microfiber towel for drying, which helps absorb liquids.

And on a dry car, spray Perfecta on a microfiber towel or on the car body, then apply to the car and dry it directly without waiting.

18.63 SAR
18.63 USD
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